Karaza Gets a Facelift

If you have been a long time customer of Karaza then you may have notice that we redesigned our company website.
We have created a new website to help more easily organize our content and services. This will make it easier for our clients to find what they need and to manage their accounts.

The new design features a full width layout with large homepage image and customer testimonials. We have also redesigned our logo to a more modern and brand-able look. However we have kept the same color scheme we have been using for the last few years.
Why the new look? Well because it was time. When we first came online we had a website built with static html and then we moved to php pages. Do you remember this site?

First Karaza.com

Old Karaza.com website

Some of you may remember that old red and gray color scheme we had in the beginning. Eventually we moved our site form just php page to a WordPress powered site. At that point we also introduced our new blue and green color scheme that we have grown found of.
Of course WordPress made it easier for us to manage content and easily create more layout options on the site.
One of the main reasons for moving to WordPress was because we grew the business to the point where we had now been specializing in designing and building websites with WordPress and it would only seem fair that we powered our site with the same awesome content management system we were using for our clients.

Our first WordPress site for Karaza.com was powered by the Amazewp theme which worked for that time. We soon decided we wanted more and later moved on to create a great looking website with the popular Divi form Elegant Themes.
Divi was a blast to work with and we love all the features it has to offer. It is a great framework and is truly a theme among themes. Anyone getting their site built with Divi will not regret it.
Having said that, we did later decide to move on and use a different theme and framework for the current Karaza.com website.

Powering the new redesigned Karaza.com is Avada. We have been using this theme for a lot of our client’s websites since it was first requested by one of our clients. The framework is fantastic and the options for design and functions seem endless. Our clients love it and request it so often that at some point we decided to use it for our own site. After all it has become our theme of choice and we needed to showcase what we could do with it. We now build all our sites with Avada unless a client request otherwise.

New Karaza.com

new karaza

We hope you like the new look as we are going to have to stick with it for a while. One of the reason it took so long to redesign it was the lack of time. As you would imagine we spend our days (and nights) building websites for our clients which does not give us much time to work on ours. Client, We Love You!

Looking to the future:
We want to thank all our clients for sticking with us over the years and making Karaza what it is today.
We look forward to a long relationship as we continue to grow our business and work hard to help our clients grow their businesses.

Please let us know what you think about the new site design.

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